A very special thanks to Evan Kongvold for reminding me, his father, the importance of connecting, encouraging and living in community with others.

the show

The Morning Routine is a weekday morning show that is Broadcast LIVE on Facebook at 6:48 am EST. The show is then rebroadcast on Facebook, YouTube and as a Podcast after the LIVE show's completion. 

The show includes curated stories of interest, what's trending, top news headlines, a passage of wisdom and a prayer each and every show. It's family friendly and encouraging.

who is freedom?

Freedom Kongvold has been a creator and podcaster for several years. He works as a produce broker by day and is passionate about finding ways to be an encouragement in peoples lives. He is a husband and father of 4 children.

Along with The Morning Routine, Freedom also founded www.meant.life which is a project aimed at helping others live out their stories by living up to who they were "meant" to be.


Why not?  As Freedom struggled for years keeping up with the morning routine he wanted, the concept for this show was born. If he was struggling maybe others were as well. Together we can hold each other accountable for getting our minds right at the start of the day.

the community

The Morning Routine community is wide and diverse. The show is always family friendly and while some opinions are expressed the show is not a soap box for pushing any certain agenda. Our community consists of many countries and from adults listening on their morning commute to families watching together as they wait for the school bus. Come join us, you'll fit right in as a viewer or podcast listener.

what you can do

Engage. Whether it's by comments on the episodes, "liking" the shows or social posts, subscribing to the broadcasts or sharing episodes across social platforms, your engagement is the most exciting part of growing our community. While we do have a Donation option available, it is your engagement that really helps us reach new people and help others get their days started with a group of friends...US!